EcoDistricts Summit

"The sharing movement is changing the face of our streets and neighborhoods, challenging notions of ownership and consumption, vocation and recreation, travel and neighborhoods. This panel will explore the big issues of the sharing economy and the nuts and bolts of how it’s happening on the ground. Chaired by James Slezak, Co-Founder, PEERS…"

Personal Democracy Forum 2014

Thurs June 5, 3:30-4:30pm: Defining and Debating the “Sharing Economy”. Tom Slee, James Slezak, Denise Cheng, Adam Greenfield, Nancy Scola (moderator). Is there such a thing as the “sharing economy,” or are some people more interested in sharing, while others are interested in the economy? How can we usefully distinguish between “sharing economy” enterprises that empower their users and those that may actually seek to exploit them? A critic, an advocate and an academic observer will take a close look at these questions and try to get to the bottom of what is good and what is hype about this emerging phenomenon.

Co-operatives Movement: Global Conference & General Assembly

Cape Town, South Africa: “How can co-operatives reach under-represented voices of women and youth; engage members, customers and employees and help build the next generation of co-ops? The answer is in large part through communication and media, including social media. This session includes a live cross to New York by Skype, with guest speaker James Slezak, co-founder of consumer movement”

Turning the Tide: Carbon Divestment for a Post-Sandy Wall Street

Sun, Oct 27, 8:00 PM EDT at The Cooper Union

“In the New York City region, Sandy helped to mobilize a conversation on climate survival, but the politics and economics of ending climate pollution — specifically divesting from the fossil fuel industries — has largely been ignored. The panel will confront the challenge that Wall Street faces in its financing of the pollution that is threatening New York City’s future.

CSRWire / JustGood Panel: 21st Century Movements & The Modern Lifestyle

Join Net Impact CEO, Liz Maw; “No Impact Man” Documentary & Book creator, Colin Beavin; Purpose Partner and Co-Founder of and New Economy Lab, James Slezak; Community Manager, David Friedlander; CSRwire Editorial Director, Aman Singh and Founder, Brian Weinberg for an exciting discussion entitled “21st Century Movements – The Modern Lifestyle.